One Month


This is the premium package!

If your business in going through growth and you need the security and support of an additional team member, this Retainer package could be perfect for you!

This retainer package is for up to 60 hours PRIORITY support for a one month period which equates to approximately 15 hours per week.

  • Minimum 3 month commitment (month by month after initial 3 months)

  • Unused hours are non-refundable

  • One month notice to cancel



With retainer packages, the price is locked in and so are the hours. This premium package means your work is given priority over other business needs. The hours I allocate for you means that I am not open to other client work during this period which ensures I'm available to you when you need it. This also means however, that I cannot roll over any unused hours to the next time period.

This package is for Administration Services only. If you are not able to see your system or the service listed on my website please check with me prior to booking. The services are to be agreed upon between you and YOA prior to the commencement of the package and will be documented in the service agreement.

Any costs incurred such as phone calls, line rentals, specific stationary, purchases on your behalf, specific software required will be added to your invoice.

How it works Once you book your services you will be sent a link to book in a discovery call where we discuss your needs, expectations, agreed hours each week, how things are to be delivered and timelines. Contracts are signed and passwords shared and we get to work.

The Practical Info

To ensure that we provide the best service we ask that all clients provide a minimum of 48 hours notice for work to be completed within business hours.

The best way to work will be to have a weekly meeting and set of ‘expectations’ and establish good communication with clear requirements on what is needed, when it's needed by, who will do what, and what needs to be actioned before the task can be done.

What we don't do

We don’t work on weekends or after hours.

We don’t do things for free, bargain on hours or provide discounts.

We don’t do anything unethical.