As a freelance Online Business Manager I can provide your business with virtual business & project management services to develop, implement or keep updated your business policies and procedures, manage day to day administration, service contracts and operational functions (such as setting up and managing back-end systems like customer support, project management, liaising with key business partners, managing your schedule and priorities, managing service providers, website and online presence management and maintenance and administration services).

I have a broad range of Corporate Experience at Management/Leadership Level that enables me to utilise my experience and skills to support my clients in a variety of ways, dependant on the clients needs.

Do you have enough hours in the day to do everything?

Are you wearing all the hats?

Are you busy doing the 'work' and need support to generate work?

Then perhaps you will benefit from the support of an Online Business Manager. Get the admin and business support you need so that you can step into the CEO role of your business.

These are just some of the Services that can be provided.

How does it work? We have a call and discuss what services/support you need.

Not everyone needs everything ... but everyone can benefit from something.


We work out what you require, the rates, hours, expectations that work for both of us.
If you wish to proceed then I have a service contract that you sign, and we get going!

Strategy Support

We work together to set and review goals and strategies for the business.

Email Marketing

Newsletters and regular EDM's to your audience, including Automations to optimise funnels

Marketing Support

Content Creation, Blog distribution, planning, surveys and Social Media Content, Planning & Scheduling.

Customer Support

Respond to customer enquiries, emails, surveys, processing orders, refunds and billing enquiries.

Project Management

Planning out Business Operations,  Projects, Events and Tasks in Asana (or Workflow tool).


Standard Operating Procedures are an essential part of business growth. Create & update SOPs.

Launch Support

Project Manage launches including target dates, deadlines and task management.

Team Supervision

Delegation of Tasks and coordinating team members for optimal productivity and workflow.


Set up, Maintain and Manage CRM's and other systems including data entry.

Website Management

Updating Wordpress Divi, Blogs, landing pages, events, forms, opt-ins, annual reviews and audits.

Supplier Management

Manage contracts and arrangements with business vendors/suppliers.

Event Management

Planning, Management, Booking venues, Invites, RSVP, catering, zoom & supporting event day.

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